Which Is the Best Year of Ford Model T to Purchase?


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The best year of Ford Model T to purchase depends on a number of factors, including personal color preference and the kind of starter desired. Model Ts built prior to 1913 were available in a choice of seven colors, whereas between 1913 and 1925, the vehicle was only available in black. Another consideration for buyers is that Ford Model Ts built prior to 1920 had hand crank starters to activate a magneto attached to the flywheel, whereas some models built after that year had battery-powered starters.

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The earliest Ford Model T was produced in 1908 and was known as the "Tin Lizzie." Production took place on Paquette Street in Detroit, Mich., until 1910, when a new Ford factory was opened in Highland Park, Mich. Owing to improvements in mass-production techniques, models from 1910 were produced much faster, with assembly time reduced to just 1.5 hours from 12.5 hours by 1914. Black was chosen as the sole color for the Model T because it was the fastest drying paint.

By 1926, the Model T was available in 18 different body and chassis styles, including open, closed, coupe, sedan, roadster and pickup, but the 1926 model was also considerably heavier and less powerful than earlier models.

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