In What Year Was the First Maserati Created?

year-first-maserati-created Credit: Thurston Hopkins/Stringer/Getty Images

The first Maserati was produced in 1926. It was a race car called the Tipo, or Type, 26. It wasn't the first car the Maserati brothers designed and built, but it was the first under the Maserati name.

The Maserati brothers used their experience from building race cars for other companies for over 10 years when they designed and built the Tipo 26. It featured fairly conventional design elements, which allowed the brothers to use standard parts and keep costs down. The Tipo 26 ran on a 1.5 liter engine.

The first consumer Maserati was introduced in 1946 and was called the A6. It was one of the first "sports cars," as the term is understood in the 21st century. The A6 consumer model line was derived from what was originally known as the A6 Sport, a post-war race car Maserati had built. The A6 featured a six-cylinder engine and had a maximum speed of 94 mph.

Maserati made several changes to the A6 after its initial unveiling to make it more appealing and accessible to the consumer market, but as is typical of Maserati vehicles, the number of units sold when compared to other "mass produced" vehicles was low. Between 1947 and 1950, Maserati sold just 61 A6s.>/p>