What Is a Yamaha Side-by-Side ATV?


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A Yamaha side-by-side ATV is an all-terrain vehicle with room for at least two riders to sit side-by-side. Depending on the model, Yamaha side-by-side ATVs have seating for two to six riders positioned in one or two rows of side-by-side seats.

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Most standard Yamaha ATV models are designed for a pair of riders to straddle the same seat, one in front of the other. In contrast, Yamaha side-by-side ATV models are configured much like a standard on-road vehicle, with bucket seats, seat belts and a steering wheel. These Yamaha ATVs also feature overhead roll bars that create an interior passenger space much like that of a regular vehicle. As of 2015, there are two types of Yamaha side-by-side ATV, including the Viking series and the Wolverine series.

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