What Is Wrong When Antifreeze Leaks From Your Car?

wrong-antifreeze-leaks-car Credit: Stephen Shepherd/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Antifreeze leaking from a car is an indication that one of the components of the car's cooling system is damaged or worn. Common problems include cracked and split radiator hoses, faulty hose ends and hose clamps, and leaks in reservoirs and radiators.

If a car is leaking antifreeze, the coolant system should be inspected as soon as possible. If the coolant drains completely, the engine can overheat and seize. Antifreeze is also extremely toxic to animals, so leaks endanger pets and wildlife. As coolant degrades, it reacts with and breaks down the metals inside a vehicle's cooling system, causing leaks. Flushing the radiator annually prevents this.