How Do You Take a Written Driver's License Test in Spanish?

The Department of Motor Vehicles of most states provides the written driver's license test in English, Spanish and other languages. If the applicant lacks the necessary language skills to take the knowledge test, he has the option to employ the help of an interpreter during the exam.

In order to take a written driver's test in Spanish, the applicant may request for the assistance of a state-approved or accredited interpreter. Depending on the state, the interpreter may need to sign an affidavit of oath for interpreters at the DMV office. In some states, such as New Jersey, a minister, rabbi, priest or other religious leader may serve as an interpreter for the applicant provided that the leader submits recognized credentials of association from a recognized organization. Most DMV offices also offer oral tests in Spanish for persons with disabilities.

Before taking the actual knowledge driver's license test, the applicant may practice the sample questions that are available on the state's official DMV website. Most sites offer the written exams in English, Spanish and even in American Sign Language. Aside from a written test, the applicant must also pass a hearing and vision test before qualifying for a road test. A hearing-impaired applicant is also permitted to use a state-approved interpreter.