How Do You Write a Contract When Selling a Car?


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To write a private car sales contract, begin by listing your name and address, according to DMV.org. You should then include details of the car's make and model, color, body style, year and vehicle identification number. Then, list the buyer's name and address, as well as the car's sales price. Write that the car is being sold in "as is" condition, and have both you and the buyer sign. Make two copies, and give one to the buyer.

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How Do You Write a Contract When Selling a Car?
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Car sales contracts don't have to be written by a lawyer to be legally binding, according to CarsDirect. Free templates are available on the Internet to make the process quick and easy, including the free template from CarsDirect, which are fine for use in all 50 states. This template includes clearly marked sections to input your information.

CarsDirect specifies that selling the vehicle in "as is" condition protects you from any guarantees or warranties associated with the car's mechanical integrity. Any repairs or modifications to the car after the sale are the buyer's own responsibility.

Some states require that your contract be notarized, according to DMV.org. In that case, both you and the buyer must sign the contract in the presence of a licensed notary.

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