How Do You Find Wrecked Used Cars for Sale?


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Wrecked and salvaged used cars are found for sale on salvage auto resale sites such as SalvageBid.com, eRepairables.com and AutoSource.biz. Auction sites such as eBay.com and classifieds sites such as Craigslist.org also commonly contain listings for wrecked used cars.

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Craigslist.org contains numerous ads for used cars in a variety of conditions, though it does not offer any built-in search options for viewing wrecked cars specifically. Users need to conduct a keyword search for terms such as "wrecked" or "salvage" in order to locate the appropriate listings. In some cases, ads may not contain clear information about the condition of a car, so the prospective buyermay need to contact the seller with an inquiry.

Listings for wrecked used cars on AutoSource.biz contain pictures of the actual car, typically showing the area of most significant damage, and a description of the car's make and model and the extent of the damage. Some listings contain a sale price, while others simply give site users the option of making an offer to the seller. In order to contact a seller, users need to sign up for a paid account on the site, as of March 2015. Users can sign up either through the site itself or apply for an account via mail.

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