How Do You Wrap a Boat With Custom Graphics?


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To install custom graphic wraps on a boat, clean the exterior of the vessel, position the wraps, smooth their surfaces with a squeegee, and seal the wraps with a heat gun. This procedure requires custom repositionable vinyl wraps, masking tape, a heat gun, a squeegee and cleaning supplies.

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Wash the exterior of the boat. Dry it thoroughly, as moisture thwarts proper wrap installation. Without removing the paper backing, use masking tape to position the wraps on the boat. Adjust the positioning until you achieve the desired look.

Working with one wrap at a time, remove the masking tape, peel away a small portion of the wrap backing, and press the adhesive to the boat's surface. Continue exposing and pressing small portions of adhesive until the entire wrap sticks to the boat. Work slowly to avoid bunching and wrinkling. Smooth the wrap with your hand, and slowly pull a squeegee across it to eliminate air pockets. Repeat with the remaining graphics. Seal the wraps with a heat gun according to the manufacturer's instructions.

This procedure is similar to the installation of a whole-boat wrap. When wrapping an entire boat, apply priming adhesive to the boat's curved surfaces before you expose the wrap's adhesive backing.

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