Why Would You Need to Check Your DOT Number?


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There are several reasons why checking a USDOT number is potentially useful and necessary. These include determining if the USDOT number is active, confirming that any company information associated with a USDOT number is up to date and ascertaining if a particular commercial vehicle is up to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration standards.

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A USDOT number also coincides with all related information on the website of the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System, or SAFER at SAFER.FMCSA.DOT.gov. SAFER maintains company snapshots for all operators of commercial vehicles that transport passengers or haul cargo in interstate commerce throughout the United States.

Each USDOT number represents vital information within the company snapshot, and the USDOT number is essential for companies to comply with the safety regulations and degrees of commercial vehicle fitness that the government requires.

For example, on the SAFER website a USDOT number corresponds to information about a vehicle and its parent company, such as the company's size, commodity information, safety ratings and records, inspection summaries and crash information.

At the same time, a commercial vehicle must have a USDOT number in order to meet the requirements that SAFER reports on its website about commercial vehicle businesses. Business owners and drivers should know how to check a USDOT specifically to obtain knowledge about a vehicle's safety ratings, its USDOT active status, previous inspections and crash information.

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