Why Would a Jeep Cherokee Not Start?

Many Jeep Grand Cherokee owners with vehicles made in 2007 and after complain of starting problems due to a faulty component known as a totally integrated power module, or TIPM. These TIPMs have been blamed for a wide variety of vehicle failure concerns for Chrysler owners, particularly Jeep owners, resulting in two small recalls and a call from auto safety organizations for the complete recall of all Chrysler vehicles equipped with this component.

Faulty totally integrated power modules have been linked to many complications and problems in Jeep Cherokees, including unreliable starting. Owners may experience difficulty starting or the inability to start the vehicle all together even when there are no other functional problems with the vehicle.

Some very dangerous issues have also been reported, including the tendency for these vehicles to stop unexpectedly in the middle of the road, the air bags not deploying when they are needed and fuel pumps that will not shut off. Windows are also reported to open and closed by themselves, and doors are said to lock and unlock without warning.

The Center for Auto Safety and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration note that drivers who still have these vehicles should not drive them and should seek replacement of the module to ensure the safe and reliable control of the vehicle.