What would cause a car to lose power while trying to accelerate?


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If a car loses power during acceleration, one of two things is causing the problem: not enough fuel or not enough power. Unfortunately, finding out an exact cause of power or fuel restriction is difficult.

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What would cause a car to lose power while trying to accelerate?
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To figure out what the car is lacking, owners should press the accelerator when the car starts to lose power. If this helps the car gain power, the problem is not fuel delivery. If pushing the accelerator does not help the car run smoother, fuel restriction is the problem. To find the problem, owners should first check the fuel filter for clogs or impurities. After the fuel filter is clean, the owner should purchase a fuel additive designed to clear out blockages in the fuel lines. Also, it is important to check to see if there are any fuel lines that are leaking or cracked and to inspect the fuel pump to see if it is working correctly.

A loss of power can be caused by any number of problems. A good place to start is the exhaust system. Car owners should check for any holes or gaps between the exhaust and the muffler. If the car has a catalytic converter, this part also needs to be tested. This can be accomplished by hitting the converter with a rubber mallet. If there is a rattling noise, it needs to be replaced. Other possible causes of a loss of power include bad spark plugs and misfiring cylinders.

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