What Would Affect the Price of a Used Motorcycle?


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Four of the most important factors affecting a used motorcycle's value, especially a classic bike, are its condition, rarity, location and the availability of replacement parts. Of these factors, condition is by far the most important, and it is usually determined within a six-point range: perfect, excellent, very good, good, fair and poor.

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Motorcycles in the two top tiers of condition customarily have very limited mileage (often under 1,000 miles), possess all their original parts, and have never been in an accident. They have zero mechanical issues and no blemishes to their paint jobs. Rarity is a boost to value, especially when it comes to classic models, though this may also make resale more difficult, as replacement parts can be more difficult to come by.

Location and timing significantly impact resale value in diverse ways. For example, trying to sell a used motorcycle in a region or state with challenging weather conditions or lengthy off-seasons can prove frustrating. Location also influences value through the type of mileage the bike typically experiences. Continual exposure to city, highway or surface streets causes less wearing than does constant abuse on rough terrain. In basic economic terms, a fluctuating, bad or rebounding market can also cause the prospective price of the vehicle to vacillate.

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