What Is the Worst That Can Happen If You Drive With Bad CV Axles?

The worst case scenario when driving a car with a bad CV axle is that the car will crash, resulting in physical damage and property damage. The CV axle is essential in keeping signals moving from the driver to the wheels. When this system fails, the tires stop responding to steering commands and the car continues in the last direction it received a command.

The CV axle is in charge of sending power from the engine to the wheels, keeping the car moving forward and turning when directed by the steering column and the wheel itself. CV axles exist on each of the four wheels of a car and look like an accordion on the end of a metal tube. The CV axle is susceptible to cracking, tearing, breaking and freezing. Any of these conditions causes a lack of communication between the driver and any one of the wheels that in turn generates a void of control.

Once a driver is no longer able to control a wheel, it is impossible to execute handling of the automobile. In this situation, a crash is likely to occur at any speed and continues to pose a danger to all other drivers on the road.