Why Won't the Warning Brake Light Go Off?

Why Won't the Warning Brake Light Go Off?

If a brake light does not turn off, then the brake switch is damaged. The brake switch is a device found behind the brake pedal on a vehicle, which is responsible for turning the lights on and off when the pedal and pressed.

In order to turn off the brake light on the vehicle, the prong on the brake switch must be compressed. If not the light will stay on. The following instructions explain how to replace a brake switch.

  1. Disconnect the battery
  2. First open the hood the disconnect the negative battery cable to avoid accidental shock.

  3. Locate the brake switch
  4. The brake switch is mounted behind the brake pedal.

  5. Remove the switch
  6. Use a ratchet and remove the switch from the brake pedal.

  7. Install new switch
  8. Install the new switch and reconnect the battery cable to check the brake lights.