Why Won't My Pontiac Grand Am Start?

According to The Family Handyman, a common reason a car does not start is a dead or discharged battery. The vehicle's lights may provide an indicator of the battery condition. If they dim when the ignition switch is turned, the starter is not getting enough power.

Corroded battery terminals interfere with electrical transfer to the starter. Cleaning the lead connectors sometimes allows the Grand Am to start. Hitting the connectors a time or two with the tire tool often helps to ensure there is a good connection.

Jump-starting the vehicle, which requires cables and a second vehicle, is another option. It is important to follow the manufacturer's directions when jump-starting to prevent damage to the onboard computer or other electrical components.

If jump-starting does not work, the vehicle's battery cables or starter could be bad. Have the starter tested at an auto parts store and replace it if necessary. Battery cables are generally inexpensive and are easy to install.

If the starter turns the motor, but the car does not start, an empty fuel tank could be the problem. Check the fuel gauge to ensure the car has fuel. If there is fuel available and the car does not start, there are many potential problems. It may need to be towed to a repair shop for diagnosis.