Why Won't a Car Go Into Gear After It Starts?

A car does not go into gear after starting up when the transmission is faulty or broken. The shifting process becomes more difficult as the damage to the transmission increases. Once it is totally broken, the transmission no longer activates in one or more gears and ceases to function.

The transmission in a car is what dictates what gear the car goes into when the driver changes gear. This device governs what setting the vehicle is in so that the running speed and timing are correct to maintain velocity without causing harm to the engine. Transmission fluid leaks out of the system and causes heat and friction to build up, which in turn generates the whining sound heard in the cab.

The transmission itself and the hoses attached to it require minimal maintenance in most cases. Once the system forms a crack, it is important to have it serviced immediately so as to avoid further damage to the engine. In some instances, servicing the transmission is as simple as adding more fluid. This is a delicate procedure and needs to be handled by a professional or someone with experience in this area because adding too much fluid results in even more complications for the car.