Does Wix Offer Interchangeable Filters for Automobiles?


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Wix does offer filters for a wide variety of vehicles. In certain cases, the same Wix filter can be compatible across multiple model years of a particular make and model, although not in all cases. Different Wix filters tend to be required across different car brands.

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The Wix website has a filter lookup tool on its website to help a user determine what kind of filter is needed for a vehicle. In select cases, the same filter works across multiple models. For example, if searching for a 2015 Honda Accord, the oil and "C air" filters are the same for three different engines, but air filters are different. The same oil filter and "C air" filter can be used in a 2007 Honda Civic, but a different air filter from the 2015 is required. Comparing a 2015 Nissan Altima to a Honda, for example, completely different filter codes are used.

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