What Are Some Wisconsin Engine Models?


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Some of the Wisconsin engine models include A1-1/2, A2, A3, A4 and A5. Additionally, other Wisconsin engine models include AA, AG, VE4D, AP4, AD, AC4, AF, ADH, THD, TJD and many more.

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According to Wisconsin Motors Canada, models that have a letter “D” at the end signify that the engine has a seat and satellite exhaust installed. Also, the THD model was back in production in 2001 as a replacement of the TJD engine, with upgrades in horsepower at 3600 rpm. Wisconsin engines come with different weights, torques, horsepower, displacements, strokes and more. They also come with different specifications, such as number of cylinders, presence of outboard magneto, which is designed for pump manufacturers, and variations in horsepower.

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