Who Does Wiring Harness Repair?

Who Does Wiring Harness Repair?

Companies that offer wiring harness repair include Aamco and Wire Gap Electronics. Other firms, such as Pep Boys, offer wire harness kits for home repair and replacement.

Wire harness repair kits typically include metal wire bullets, a crimping tool, a closing tool and an assortment of wire connectors. Repairing a wire harness with a home repair kit involves crimping bullets around the exposed ends of broken wires, inserting the crimped ends into a connector and securing them with the connector closing tool.

A wire harness transmits electronic information throughout a vehicle. The harness also supplies electric power to vehicle systems such as the navigation unit, power windows and starter.

The three primary components in a wiring harness are wires, terminals and connectors. Quality wiring harnesses are made from resilient materials that can withstand extreme temperature changes, moisture and intense vibration. Many harnesses also contain special terminals that communicate with wireless wave-receiving devices such as on-board entertainment systems.

In addition to the basic wire harness, many vehicles also have secondary harnesses for specific systems. The most common type of secondary harness powers and controls audio systems. Basic audio harnesses connect the factory radio to the speakers. Vehicles that feature luxury audio packages typically have an amplifier integration harness, which powers the speakers and makes it easy to use an aftermarket radio with the vehicle's amplifier and speakers.