How Do You Wire a Used VW Dune Buggy?

How Do You Wire a Used VW Dune Buggy?

Wiring up a Volkswagen Dune Buggy requires placing three fuse blocks in the appropriate places and connecting wiring to the fuse blocks and battery. Perform this task carefully to avoid injury.

Gather three fuse block buss bars, two buss bars, a powered drill, a common screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver. In addition, you need assorted wire terminals and a wire crimper tool.

Place one of the three fuse blocks near the headlights. Place the second fuse block under the dash and the third near the engine on the body. Connect two 10-millimeter wires according to their terminal types to the positive and negative battery terminals as well as to their respective buss bars.

Using three more 10-millimeter wires, make a connection to the positive buss bar, and run those wires to each of the three fuse blocks, one for each block. Repeat with three more wires for the negative connections on either end of the buss bar and the fuse blocks.

Once the main wiring is joined, connect all the vehicle's components to the nearest fuse block. This requires connecting the positive wire to the appropriate fuse terminal and connecting the grounding wire to the common ground terminal on the fuse block. Once this is done, the vehicle wiring is finished.