How Do You Wire a Power Window Switch?


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To wire a power window switch, disconnect the battery of the car and expose the wire grip located under the switch. Remove the wire grip and reconnect it appropriately to the new switch. Finally, reconnect the battery, test the replacement switch and place it in its position.

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Begin wiring a power window switch by putting the car into neutral gear and engaging the parking brake. To disconnect the battery of the vehicle, remove the terminal using a screwdriver with a spade face. Use a pair of pliers to gently yank the terminals off the battery.

Use the same screwdriver to pry the improperly working power window switch off its frame in the vehicle's door panel. This exposes the wire grip of the switch. Note how the wires are attached to the wire grip. Gently detach the wire grip from the malfunctioning switch and connect it to the new switch. Be careful to connect the wires in the same manner.

Now, connect the vehicle's battery and turn the engine on. Operate the new power window switch to test if it is working properly. If the wires of the switch emit heat or smoke, inspect the connections again. If the switch works appropriately, replace it in its frame and push it into position in the socket located in the door panel.

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