How Do You Wire a Harley?


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To wire a Harley turn signal, remove the turn signal assembly, remove shielding from the wires, attach the wires, and install the new turn signal. To wire a Harley voltmeter, remove wires from the battery, connect the positive wire to the switch circuit, and connect the negative wire to ignition.

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The most commonly wired Harley parts include the turn signal and the voltmeter. Start by gathering a screwdriver set, metric wrench sets, a wire stripper and a crimper tool.

To wire the turn signal, first disconnect the negative terminal of the battery. Without disconnecting the wiring harness, remove the turn signal assembly. Examine and take note of the wires in the factory wiring connector. If the new turn signal has two wires, seal the third one with an electrical tape. From the remaining wires, remove 1/4 inch of shielding using a wire-stripping tool. Attach the negative and positive wires to the turn signal’s corresponding wires. Install the new turn signal on both sides, and test it to ensure proper operation.

To wire a Harley voltmeter, check the voltmeter, and make sure it indicates a voltage of 12.5 volts before removing its wires from the battery. Select a location for the voltmeter on the Harley. Insert the positive wire into a switch circuit to prevent the Harley’s voltmeter from drawing power when off. Connect the negative wire back to the battery power on the ignition switch. Start the Harley, and check to make sure it reflects a voltage of 13.8 volts.

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