How Do You Wire a Ford Ranger?


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Ford Ranger owners can find wiring schematics for many Ranger electrical components at TheRangerStation.com and can wire the vehicle by following the diagrams. The website has schematics for lighting, charging, engine controls, ignition and power accessories.

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Ford Rangers manufactured after 1990 use the same color wires in every model year for wiring electrical components. The headlights use black wire for ground. The dark blue wire with an orange stripe is always hot and goes to the light switch. The red wire with a yellow stripe goes from the main light switch to the dimmer switch. The purple wire goes to the high beams, red wire with a black stripe goes to the low beam and daytime running lights, and the tan wire with white stripe powers the high beam indicator.

A Ford Ranger contains charging, starting and ignition electrical circuits, as well as circuits for sensors, gauges, heating elements, power locks and the radio. The circuits work by opening and closing switches. Some electrical circuits use relay-remote switches that operate with electromagnets. Electric current flows from the battery to the electrical component and then back to the battery through the vehicle's metal body. The battery's earth terminal connects to the vehicle's body. Amperes, or amps, is the strength of the current, and the pressure that drives the current is measured in volts.

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