How Do You Wire a Ford Alternator?


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To wire a Ford alternator, identify the four threaded posts present behind the alternator, and identify and note the location of the color-coded wires that must be connected to the unit. Then attach the wires to the appropriate post on the alternator.

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Three of the four metal threaded posts of the Ford alternator are arranged in one horizontal line at the back of the unit. The fourth post is located beneath the other three posts. A number of color-coded wires must be connected to these posts.

A red-striped black wire is the ground wire connected to the engine block or the vehicle's frame. A black-striped white wire and a white wire come out of the voltage regulator located in the engine compartment adjacent to the radiator on the driver's side. A third solid black wire is connected to the starter solenoid's positive side, marked with a "+" sign next to the metal post. The solenoid is present in the engine compartment adjacent to the battery on the passenger's side.

To connect these wires, remove the four nuts threaded onto the alternator's posts using a wrench. Slide the eyelet of each of the wire over the appropriate post. Attach the solid black wire to the post on the left, the solid white wire to the middle post and the red-striped black wire to the post on the right. Connect the black-striped white wire to the fourth post. Finally, thread in the nuts, and tighten with a wrench.

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