How Does Wipe New Trim Restorer Work?

Wipe New trim restorer features a nano-polymer formula that helps restore the shine and fresh look of a vehicle's interior and exterior. It also protects the surface from sun damage, oxidation, water spots, road salt and ultraviolet radiation. A single application of 1.5 ounces of Wipe New formula is sufficient to treat the interior or exterior of a mid-size vehicle.

Free from silicones and oils, Wipe New trim restorer is suitable for rubber, vinyl, plastic, leather and metallic surfaces. It also works on ceramic, chrome and acrylic surfaces. Users can apply it on dashboards, bumpers, door panels, mirror housings and roof racks. Wipe New is also effective in treating steering wheels and running boards. It is not suitable for glass surfaces.

Wipe New delivers a durable finish that lasts for years. An economical solution for restoring vehicles’ trims, this product does not need reapplication every time the vehicle is cleaned. Users should wear the included gloves during application. Prior to applying this formula, users need to wash the surface with liquid detergent or car wash and let it dry completely.

Users should not make contact with the treated surface for an hour after the application. Wipe New recommends users allow 24 hours before exposing the treated surface to moisture.