How Do You Winterize a Volvo Penta?


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To winterize a Volvo Penta engine, drain the engine, pour a water absorber or fuel stabilizer into the engine, and replace the water pump impeller. Additionally, flush the sterndrive, replace the fuel filter, change the oil and fog the engine.

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The first step is to ensure that the fuel system of a Volvo Penta engine is working properly. Follow the instructions on the packaging of a fuel stabilizer to ensure that the correct amount is poured into the engine. Make sure that the engine is filled completely to prevent condensation, which can lead to fuel contamination. Next, fit a pair of flush muffs over the sterndrive's water inlets, and connect them to a fresh water source. Flush the engine for 15 minutes, making sure that all the salt residue is cleaned.

Pour antifreeze mixed with water through the sterndrive while the engine is running. When the exhaust fumes turn blue, pour more of the mixture, and turn off the engine. Remove the flame arrestor on the carburettor, and restart the engine. Spray fogging oil on the engine to prevent corrosion, and then stop the engine.

Ensure that the battery is disconnected and that it is greased. Additionally, remove the drive belts, and wire brush the pulleys to prevent corrosion. Spray the Volvo Penta engine with corrosion guard, and replace the impeller.

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