How Do You Winterize a Kawasaki Jet Ski?

Winterizing a jet ski requires cleaning it up, draining the engine, filling it with gas and oil, and storing it in a safe place. Preparing the jet ski for winter will ensure it is in good working order in the spring.

Many people prefer to take their Kawasaki into the shop for proper winterization but, with a little time, owners can save money by doing it themselves.

Step 1: Drain the engine

Remove all water from the jet ski by tilting it so the stem is lower than the bow. Start the engine a few times and turn the handle back and forth to remove excess water. Never leave the engine running for more than 30 seconds at a time.

Step 2: Clean up the jet ski

Wash down the exterior and remove all traces of algae and dirt that might eat through the paint while the jet ski is stored. Wax if desired.

Step 3: Fill up the gas tank

Because water can condense in the gas tank over the winter, it is important to fill up the gas tank before storing. Add gas stabilizers to keep the fuel from turning thick and gummy over the winter.

Step 4: Oil it up

Be sure to spray fogging oil through the carburetors and spark plug cylinders. This should be done while the engine is running and with the air cleaners removed.

Step 5: Take out the battery

Finally, remove the battery and store it in a warm place like a garage. It is best to store the battery attached to a trickle charger and check on it every month or so.