How Do You Winterize a Jet Ski?

How Do You Winterize a Jet Ski?

To winterize a jet ski, remove excess water and dirt, clean the ski, stabilize the fuel, and lubricate the seals and cables before applying fogging oil to the spark plug cylinders, carburetor and spark plug holes. Remove the battery from the watercraft, and store the ski properly.

  1. Drain the water from the jet ski

    Turn the engine on, and tilt the ski back for 30 seconds. Level the ski, turn off the engine, and repeat until the water is drained.

  2. Flush the cooling system

    Consult your manual to learn how to flush the coolant in your system, and follow the procedure to remove excess dirt.

  3. Clean the watercraft

    Wash the hull of the ski with a mild detergent. Rub a waxing solution over the shell when the ski is clean. Clean the bilge to remove any dirt leftover by the coolant flush.

  4. Add a fuel stabilizer

    Read the instructions for the stabilizer to determine how much to add to the fuel. Pour the recommended amount of stabilizer in the gas tank to fill the tank to the top. Turn the engine on, and allow it to run for 30 seconds. Turn the engine off, and repeat until the stabilizer is mixed with the fuel.

  5. Lubricate the system

    Consult your manual to determine which lubricant and protectant your manufacturer recommends. Spray each seal and cable with the lubricant followed by the protectant.

  6. Oil the spark plug cylinders and carburetor

    Remove the air filter. Turn the engine on. Spray the spark plug cylinders and carburetor with fogging oil. Return the filter.

  7. Oil the spark plug holes

    Ground the spark plug wires, and disconnect the spark plugs from the holes. Spray fogging oil into each hole. Cover each hole, and turn the engine on. Wipe away any overspray, and reconnect the spark plugs.

  8. Take out the battery

    Remove the cable connected to the negative terminal, then remove the right. Remove the battery from the watercraft.

  9. Store the jet ski

    Cover the exhaust to protect the engine from intruders. Cover the ski properly, and store it in a secure location.