What Is the Width and Length of the Average Car?

width-length-average-car Credit: John Lund/Blend Images/Getty Images

In 2007, the average mid-size sedan was 190 inches long and 71.4 inches wide. A large 2007 sports utility vehicle averaged 208.0 inches long and 78.2 inches wide. A 2007 compact car averaged 177.2 inches long and 68.8 inches wide.

Cars were once an inch or two narrower. In 1990, an average mid-size sedan was only 70.5 inches wide. A large 1999 SUV was 76.7 inches wide. A 1990 compact car averaged 66.4 inches wide. Cars seem to be getting shorter as they get wider. An average 1990 mid-size sedan was almost two inches longer than a 2007 sedan. A large 1999 SUV averaged 219 inches long, almost 10 inches longer than a 2007 large SUV.