How Do You Get Wi-Fi in Your Car?


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The main ways to get Wi-Fi in a car is to buy a new car that has Wi-Fi installation from the manufacturer or to purchase a portable hotspot. These hotspots are available from many cellphone companies, such as AT&T and Verizon.

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How Do You Get Wi-Fi in Your Car?
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One option for a portable hotspot is the AT&T Liberate, a 4G LTE hotspot. This device can handle up to 10 different Wi-Fi devices, and the touchscreen makes the operation of this hotspot easy to understand. The battery life of the Liberate is up to 12 hours, which gives users a full day of use before it needs recharging. It is also possible to share media and files with the Liberate by using a microSD card.

Another option for a car Wi-Fi system, the Jetpack, is from Verizon, and it is also a 4G LTE device that can handle up to 10 different devices. The Jetpack offers users up to eight hours of power, and it has a touchscreen that allows for easy set-up and operation. With this device, it is possible to share music, photos, videos and more. This device is also small, and it can fit into a purse, briefcase or even a pocket.

To buy these devices, it is necessary to have an account with a cellular provider and be in an area where a wireless signal is available.

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