What Are Wheel Stops?


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Wheel stops are tools that ensure vehicles stop at a proper location while parking, thereby preventing damage to buildings, sidewalks, curbs and delicate landscape. They are also known as parking stops, garage parking blocks and parking curbs.

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Wheel stops are usually made of concrete, rubber or recycled plastic and are held in place by pegs of rebar. Long blocks of wood or any other material the size of a curb are also used as wheel stops. They are usually painted yellow to provide warning and are illuminated to be visible at night. Wheel stops are ideal for commercial parking lots, parking garages and municipalities, as they outline parking spots and ensure proper distance.

Inside facilities, wheel stops serve as bumper cushions and protection for motorized carts, forklift trucks, and vehicles operating in factories and warehouses. They are also handy in personal garages, as they make positional parking easy and prevent low-impact wall collisions. They protect front yards that are in close proximity to streets and gardens that are located near parking lots. Wheel stops are also used to prevent vehicles from accessing a particular area. They are not used in marked pedestrian paths, as they are a potential hazard for pedestrians.

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