How Do Wheel Pros Rims Work?


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Wheel Pros rims have various materials, designs and coatings to improve performance and aesthetics. To maintain their benefits, the rims need regular cleaning with mild dish soap and water.

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Wheel Pros rims are made with flow-formed technology that produces a lightweight cast wheel with superior strength. The most common method of manufacturing is by producing one-piece cast wheels that are gravity or pressure cast. A forging process is also available for racing applications, because it creates lightweight wheels with consistent quality. Wheel rims made of steel can also be manufactured, but they are heavier than aluminum.

The rims can be finished with finishes such as Teflon and PVD, which provide different design aesthetics and damage resistance. Teflon coated rims are dirt-resistant while PVD finished rims are resistant to wear, and the PVD provides chrome look.

The rims can be customized to a buyer's liking. The rims can be powder coated or painted after buyers receive them and the Custom Shop handles requests such as paint code matching, standard colors and finishes. The shop assembles two-piece wheels to order and custom offsets are available. It can also drill certain wheels to fit customers with uncommon bolt patterns. Wheel Pros also makes off-road rims that are designed specifically for motorsport environments and are not approved for street use.

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