What Wheel Brands Does Les Schwab Tires Sell?


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As of 2015, the most popular wheel brands at Les Schwab Tires include Fuel, Ultra, Niche, Allied and MKW. Less popular brands include Focal, Foose, Dub, Hostile and Black Rhino.

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The wheels at Les Schwab Tires come in a variety of finishes, such as chrome-plated steel, matte black, clear-coated gun metal, polished, silver and black chrome. The diameters of the wheels range from 12 to 22 inches, while the widths are between 4 and 12 inches.

Every custom wheel purchased at Les Schwab Tires is eligible to receive benefits from the warranty program the shop offers. This warranty program includes free replacements, free rebalances and free safety inspections as well as torquing services to ensure lug nuts are tightened properly. Free replacement services are only offered if the wheel becomes damaged due to a fault in manufacturing. This warranty program is in effect for one year following purchase.

Other products the shop sells include tires, shocks, brakes and alignment services. Les Schwab Tires offers tires for cars, light trucks and sports utility vehicles for a variety of driving conditions, including winter roads and off-roading. Customers can also find specialty tires, such as farm tires, trailer tires and tires for lawnmowers.

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