How Do You Get Wheel Alignment Estimates?

To get an estimate for a wheel alignment, contact a local car dealership or repair shop, such as Pep Boys and Goodyear. As of 2016, the price of a wheel alignment ranges from $20 to $100 at a tire repair shop and from $75 to $400 at car dealerships.

Since prices for wheel alignments vary, call several shops and dealerships for quotes. Before calling, make sure you know the make, model and year of the vehicle, and let the shop know if there is any custom work on the car. Some repair shops offer online coupons for alignments on their websites, such as Goodyear, so look for those, too. Other shops give discounts to members of organizations such as AAA.

A professional wheel alignment usually takes less than an hour, and during the process, the vehicle goes on a platform where the wheels spin. A computer takes specific measurements and then compares these numbers to the manufacturer's specifications. If the number is not the same, the mechanic adjusts the wheels, and then tests the alignment again.

Some people believe that a wheel alignment is necessary each year, but this is not usually the case. Instead, it is only necessary if the car begins to drift or pull to one side when driving or if there is uneven wear on the tire.