Whats the Best Way to Change a Fuel Pump on a Chevy Pickup?

Whats the Best Way to Change a Fuel Pump on a Chevy Pickup?

There are two ways to replace a fuel pump on a Chevy pickup truck: access the panel behind the back seats or drop the gas tank. Dropping the gas tank requires draining the gasoline, loosening the tank straps and lowering the tank, while the panel only needs to be screwed off to gain access to the pump.

Replacing a fuel pump with trucks that have a panel only require removing it and replacing the fuel pump assembly. However, access panels are only used on select Chevy trucks, so the most common procedure used to replace a fuel pump is dropping the tank. The following instructions explain how to safely replace a fuel pump on a Chevy pickup truck.

  1. Raise and secure the truck
  2. Use a floor jack to raise the truck and place jack stands underneath its specified jack-points to support it.

  3. Loosen the drain bolt
  4. Place a pan underneath and loosen the drain bolt. Allow several minutes to let the gasoline flow into the pan.

  5. Place a floor jack under the tank
  6. Take a floor jack and place it under the gas tank, so it can be gently lowered.

  7. Loosen tank hardware
  8. Loosen and remove all the bolts holding the tank in place.

  9. Lower the gas tank
  10. Use the floor jack to slowly lower the gas tank.

  11. Remove the fuel pump
  12. Remove the fuel pump mounting bolts. Pull the assembly out of the tank.

  13. Install the fuel pump
  14. Replace the fuel pump with a new unit and tighten the mounting bolts. Raise and attach the tank. Tighten the mounting straps.