What Were Some Identified Problems With the 2012 Jeep Liberty?


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Some identified problems with the 2012 Jeep Liberty include A/C not working properly, electrical problems in its steering column, transmission problems and wiper defects. Other problems include a flashing check engine light, noisy power door locks and flicking airbag lights.

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A faulty heater causes A/C problems in the 2012 Jeep Liberty. The defroster fails to clear the windshield on the driver side of the car. During winter, ice forms on the door due to lack of defroster outlets. Sometimes after warming the car, the heater blows cold air even though the temperature gauge is up. During ignition, the parking lights stay on while the windshield wipers cycle with activation of the turn signal.

The car has ignition switch problems that require continuous movement for the engine to start. The transmission fails to shift smoothly and may produce a grinding noise when the car is in four-wheel drive. A faulty regulator assembly causes failure of the power window motor. A problem with the intake valve may cause the flashing of the check engine light. Low fluid levels in the transfer case leads to bearing failure.

The rear windshield wipers may fail to shut off after activation. Rear gate defects cause the cabin lights to stay on during start up. Poor wire insulation causes electric shocks on the driver's door. Missing airbag clock springs causes flashing airbag lights. A defective latch assembly may lead to noisy power door locks. Problems in the sky slider sunroof cause its failure to open properly.

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