What Were the Features of the 1965 Buick Riviera Gran Sport?

What Were the Features of the 1965 Buick Riviera Gran Sport?

Features of the 1965 Buick Riviera Gran Sport included a 360 horsepower, 425 cubic inches, dual-quad Super Wildcat engine, a Super Turbine 400 transmission, rear axle differential, a high-rust resistant stout all-steel body, and concealed headlamps. It also featured power steering and braking system, and power bucket seats.

The 1965 Buick Riviera Gran Sport came with a 425-cubic-inches V-8 engine that produced a torque of 465 at 2800 rpm and 360 brake horsepower at 4400 rpm. The engine was coded as LX. It had hydraulic lifters, a 10.25:1 compression ratio, and two AFB carburettors, in front and rear. It featured a laminated double exhaust system for noise control. The exhaust pipes were 2.25 inches in diameter. The Gran Sport achieved a top speed of 122 mph.

The 3-speed Super Turbine 400 automatic transmission meant the Gran Sport shifted gears effortlessly on higher rpm. Doubled with multi-disc and overrunning clutches, a smooth transition between gears was guaranteed. A metal tag reading “BS” on the transmission case identifies a true Gran Sport.

The 1965 Gran Sport had a 3.42 standard rear axle ratio, but this made the car experience right rear wheel spin. The all-steel body made the Gran Sport rust resistant. It had a vinyl top that came only in a black color. Headlamps came concealed behind the clamshell doors. They were guaranteed to work even in the most adverse weather condition. Tail lights were switched from the body to the bumper. It was 209 inches long, with a wheel base of 117 inches.

The 1965 Buick Riviera GS also featured tilt steering wheel, power windows, power seats, a 18-quart cooling system with a heater, and a 20-gallon fuel tank.