What Were Some Chevy Cobalt Recalls in 2006?


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No recalls were issued in 2006 for the Chevrolet Cobalt. However, the 2006 model year has been the subject of at least six recalls as of June 2015. The largest recalls involve faulty engine switches, while other recalls involve faulty power steering equipment and fuel pumps.

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A sweeping recall for defective ignition switches affected the 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt, among many other models. These switches can allow the key in the ignition to move to the off position while the car is in motion, causing a sudden loss of engine power. If the vehicle loses power at high speed, it may be difficult or impossible for the driver to avoid an accident. Several deaths have been linked to failure of the ignition switch, both due to drivers losing control and disabled airbags caused by this fault. Recalls addressing this issue affect over 2 million vehicles.

Another major recall affecting the 2006 Cobalt affects approximately 1 million GM vehicles with faulty power steering systems. These systems can suddenly lose power during operation, making it more difficult to handle the vehicle in low-speed maneuvering. A fuel pump recall also affects Cobalts from the 2006 model year if they were sold in certain states in the South or Southwest.

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