Why Were Some 2011 Silverados Recalled?


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Since December 2010, General Motors has recalled some 2011 model Silverados due to problems with the ignition lock system, the rear axle spindle and the steering shaft. Manufacturers recall vehicles that have unsafe systems, and in most cases, they advise dealers to fix the problems free of charge.

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In December 2014, General Motors recalled some 2011 Silverado HD and Silverado LD models. The ignition lock actuator in these and other affected vehicles would lock, causing the ignition to stick on the Start position. The condition could lead to loss of steering, braking and engine power, and cause a crash. General Motors further advised dealers to inspect and replace the ignition lock housing free of charge.

General Motors recalled some 2011 Chevrolet Silverado HD and 2011 Silverado LD models in June 2011 for intermediate steering shaft problems. The attaching bolts on these shafts were loose, and could allow the joints to separate, risking a crash. Some owners contacted authorized dealers for free tightening of the bolts.

In December 2010, and January 2011, General Motors recalled some Silverado LD vehicles of the model year 2011 for rear axle cross pin problems. General Motors feared the pins did not meet heat-treatment specifications, and could fracture thus causing interference. Consequently, the rear axle could lock and cause a crash. Owners who took their vehicles to authorized dealers had the pins fixed free of charge.

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