How Well Do Sylvania Silverstar Headlight Bulbs Perform According to Experts?


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In performance testing, Sylvania Silverstar headlight bulbs shone brightly compared to the competition, but experts concluded that these findings don't necessarily mean that the bulbs yield higher visibility. Sylvania Silverstar halogen bulbs did not noticeably shine any farther than the other bulbs tested as of 2015.

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As of 2013, Sylvania Silverstar halogen headlight bulbs advertised greater visibility compared to worn out original headlights. Consumer Reports concluded this to be true, but found that among the field of bulb that, like Sylvania, advertise a "premium" product, the Silverstar bulbs shone brighter with a whiter light but not noticeably farther in comparison.

Consumer Reports' study included the testing of seven other premium headlights, as well two varieties that were issued standard from the manufacturers of the vehicles used. The testing led to the conclusion that a car's headlight lamps' reflectors and lenses have as much to do with distance visibility as the actual brightness of the bulb itself.

Cnet.com's Car Tech division also reviewed a line of Silverstar products from Sylvania and concluded similarly. The Silverstar line of headlights produced a very bright, pure white light and ranked highly in initial brightness. They received high marks in visibility, which was consistent with Consumer Reports' findings, minus the speculation about visibility in distance.

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