How Well Do Freightliner Trucks Hold Their Value?


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Freightliner trucks hold their value well and have a great resale value due to the durable materials used to make them and their high-quality construction. Factors that reduce the overall cost of ownership and increase the resale value of Freightliner trucks are upfit, productivity, quality, uptime and safety.

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Freightliner works with various truck equipment manufacturers to create application-specific configurations. These help the trucks complete a number of tasks, including plowing snow and delivering materials. There are many Freightliner service centers in North America, and owners can always have peace of mind that there are qualified technicians nearby to take care of any problems their trucks may have. This ensures the owners maximize their uptime on these trucks.

Freightliner trucks are built with safety in mind. They have features to enhance the visibility, and the cabs are well-insulated and ergonomically designed. The trucks themselves are very comfortable to reduce driver fatigue.

High-quality products are used to manufacture Freightliner trucks, thus making them durable and reliable. They are made using cutting-edge technology and are evaluated to ensure they meet the standards of the customer. They are tested in real-world conditions to ensure dependability and efficiency. These factors ensure Freightliner trucks hold their value for a long time.

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