How Well Do Dodge Dakotas Hold Their Value?


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Dodge Dakotas have generally lost a significant amount of their initial value as of 2015, with a typical 2004 Dakota pickup selling for only $2,750. While the value of any given example depends heavily on condition and mileage, it is likely that almost any Dakota has lost between 50 and 90 percent of its initial sales price in terms of resale value.

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How Well Do Dodge Dakotas Hold Their Value?
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The Dodge Dakota was a mid-size pickup truck that was produced by Dodge until the 2010 model year. It was among the most-powerful pickups in its class when equipped with an optional V-8 engine and had the best towing capacity of mid-size pickups in its final years of production, but the Dakota was maligned by many reviewers and owners for an unattractive interior and frequent reliability issues. The Dakota was also somewhat more expensive than similar trucks sold by competitors.

Third-generation Dodge Dakotas have held their value somewhat better than Dakotas sold before 2005. A 2010 Dodge Dakota crew cab in good condition with standard options and typical mileage has an average price of approximately $13,000 in a private party sale. A similar Dakota with a V-8 engine sells for only slightly more, despite the additional payload and towing capacity that the larger engine provides.

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