Where Are Weekly Car Auctions Listed?


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GovSales.gov carries information about auctions for federal cars, and USA.gov has links to states' websites that carry auction information. People can find information about city and county auctions on their official websites.

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The General Services Administration handles many federal car auctions, and it runs auctions that are free to attend. Potential bidders can inspect vehicles before making a purchase, but they can't give the car a test drive. If the manufacturer's warranty hasn't run out, it can likely be transferred. People can also place bids on vehicles online, but Internet auctions generally don't allow buyers to inspect the car. Bidders must also provide transportation.

States have varying procedures for auctions, but many have websites outlining the process. Prospective buyers who live near a state line should check rules for placing bids out of state. Many vehicles, however, are handled by county or city governments, and these auctions often provide the best convenience. If relevant information is not available online, prospective bidders might want to call local offices.

Some government agencies outsource their auctions to third-party companies, and many of these companies run both online and offline advertisements. People looking to place a bid might want to check the classified section of their local paper to look for commercial auctions.

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