What Are Some Websites That Have River Jet Boats for Sale?

Websites that offer river jet boats for sale include eBay.com and BoatTrader.com. Both websites offer pre-owned and new jet boats and the ability to filter search results by manufacturer, year, size and price.

Factors to consider when buying a jet boat include whether to purchase a new or used boat and the size of the boat. A new boat costs more than a used boat, but comes in excellent condition with the protection of a warranty. If a used boat is new enough, the warranty may still be in effect; however, a used boat is more likely to malfunction, as the boat may have been damaged or may not have been maintained properly. A larger boat offers more room and may have more features than a smaller boat, but maintenance and repairs are often more expensive.

Jet boat specifications are also important to consider before purchasing. A jet boat with up to an 8-foot 6-inch beam is allowed to be towed with a special permit. A heavier boat is likely to ride smoother than a lighter boat; however, it requires a larger engine that uses more fuel than a smaller boat. The noise level of the boat is another important factor to consider. A loud boat may require people to shout to one another, which can lower the quality of the boating experience.