What Are Some Ways to Troubleshoot a Ford Automatic Transmission?


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Troubleshooting a Ford automatic transmission includes ensuring the transmission fluid is at the right level and investigating several parts of the transmission for leaks. Checking the filter for clogs may also be necessary.

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Problems with automatic transmissions generally include the transmission not operating at all or slipping while in operation. Transmission fluid should be checked at least twice a year and topped up when necessary. If a transmission is not running well, it may not have the required amount of fluid. If it appears that fluid is being lost more rapidly than normal, a leak may be present.

A transmission can have a leak in several different places, but checking for leaks is fairly simple as transmission fluid is red and easily detectable. If puddles of red fluid are found underneath the vehicle after being parked, it is most likely a transmission fluid leak. Fluid may leak at the filler tube base, between the transmission and the engine, at the selector shaft or the radiator. If a leak is found, it may be possible to fix by adding transmission sealer to your transmission fluid which absorbs into the gaskets and seals and stop the leak.

Clogged filters are another common problem that inhibit proper functioning of automatic transmissions. Blockages in transmission filters are often accompanied by a burning smell and rattling sound while the car is running.

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