What Are Some Ways to Troubleshoot When Your Cub Cadet Won't Start?

Charging the battery, turning off the PTO blades, engaging the parking brake, and putting the throttle and choke controls into the proper starting position are the most common solutions for a Cub Cadet that doesn't start. Make sure that the spark plug wires are connected as well.

There are several other potential problems to check for on a Cub Cadet that doesn't start. If the fuel tank is empty or filled with stale fuel, it may need to be filled with fresh fuel. The fuel line can also become blocked, in which case the operator should clean the fuel line and replace the fuel filter. The fuel cap also has a vent that can become plugged; if this is the case, clear the vent or replace the cap if necessary.

If there is water or dirt in the Cub Cadet's fuel system, the fuel tank needs to be drained and refilled with fresh fuel. If the Cub Cadet still does not start, the spark plugs or fuses may need to be replaced. The engine may also be flooded; if this is the case, crank the engine with the throttle in the FAST position, without choking. If the engine starts but stalls, the choke control may be activated and should be returned to the normal operating position.