What Are the Best Ways to Study for the Road Signs Test?

What Are the Best Ways to Study for the Road Signs Test?

The best way to study for the road signs test is byusing resources on the department of motor vehicles website for each stateor those listed on private driving school's online material. Practice tests for road signs are available through specific state's DMV sites as signs can vary from state to state.

Drivers tests, albeit for cars, motorcycles or commercial licenses, consist of two parts, a driving and written test. The written test includes a specific section on road signs that show that an applicant knows the written signs and the symbols used on each sign.

Third-party websites also have practice tests that contain true and false questions as well as visual recognition. Knowing these signs are important as students need to pass the majority of the written exam to qualify for a license. Once the written part of the exam is passed, then the road test is scheduled.

In Washington, students need to get 20 out of 25 questions correct; in California, 36 out of 46 questions need to be answered correctly.

Drivers' education courses have practice tests online that help prepare for the road sign part of the written test unique to each state. It is recommended that students use these resources repeatedly until sufficiently comfortable with the sign used in their area.