What Are Some Ways to Find a Replacement Battery?


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Use websites such as NapaOnline.com and AutoZone.com or visit the automotive center of department stores such as Walmart to locate car batteries that match the size, shape, type and CCA of the previous battery. The term "CCA" stands for "cold cranking AMPS."

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If performing the work manually, put on a pair of gloves, and then separate the negative cable followed by the positive cable, remove the old battery from the vehicle, and inspect the terminal clamps to determine if they require replacement. Replace the clamps if necessary. Use the vehicle's owner's manual to identify the specific battery type required, or enter the vehicle information on AutoZone.com to find the correct battery. For professional service, take the vehicle directly to the Walmart automotive center, or schedule an appointment. Service center professionals can inspect the battery terminals for corrosion, and locate and install the correct battery.

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