What Are Some Ways to Repair Oxidized Cloudy Headlights With a Headlight Cleaner?


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To clean oxidized headlights with headlight cleaner, rub them with a scuffing pad, mask them with tape, buff the lights with a cloth buffing ball, wax them and rub them with a towel. This one-hour procedure requires safety goggles, latex gloves, masking tape, a drill and a headlight cleaning kit.

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  1. Prepare the kit

    Put on latex gloves and safety goggles. Open the headlight cleaning kit, and remove all the components. Attach the buffing ball to a drill. Wet the scuffing pad with water, and wring it out.

  2. Mask the work area

    Apply masking tape around the perimeter of the headlights.

  3. Scuff the headlights

    Rub the headlights with the wet scuffing pad.

  4. Apply polishing paste

    Spread polishing paste over the headlights, set the drill to its highest setting and polish the lights with the buffing ball.

  5. Inspect the headlights

    Turn off the drill, and run your fingers over the headlights. If you detect rough spots, rub them with the scuffing pad, apply more polishing paste and buff them again. Repeat this process until the headlights are completely smooth.

  6. Wax the headlights

    Remove your goggles. Cover the headlights with a thin layer of wax, let it dry, remove the masking tape and shine the lights with a soft towel.

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