What are some ways to get a repair manual for your heat pump?


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Hometips.com, Inspectapedia.com and Bryant.com are credible sources where motorists can access online heat pump repair manuals as of 2016. These repair manuals are suitable for troubleshooting heat pump problems and finding solutions.

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Hometips.com provides a list of problems and related solutions to heat pump problems. The problems include the heat pump not heating or cooling properly, freezing up, failure to start, its blower not working and funny noises, among others. A procedure for the solution to each problem is accompanied by a well-labeled, color-coded diagram.

Inspetapedia.com highlights problem diagnoses and fixation procedures with relevant colored diagrams for visitors to view. The site shows a heat pump diagram with its components clearly labeled. Each component is drawn to show the site of the problem. The solution comes complete with the installation procedure in case the issue requires a replacement part.

Bryant.com shows troubleshooting procedures for different heat pumps. The site outlines a guideline with a checklist for all parts of a heat pump and their functionality. If a component does not function normally, the site provides an option of contacting genuine Bryant dealers for services or a repair manual for the heat pump. For best services, this dealer requires a pump model number.

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